torsdag 5 maj 2016


I've been thinking alot about survival games and how I can make something that stands out from this extremely popular genre.
I've had an idea brewing for several years about a game where maintaining and navigating some kind of vessel is the main point of the game. Kinda like Spacestation 13 but possible to play alone or co-op with a small group of people.

Funny thing is that I recently found out about a game called Barotrauma which is almost exactly what I had in mind. It's a game that takes place on a sub and it's your and the other members of the crew's mission to keep the sub in one piece while doing missions. The game is extremely fun and I wish more people played it.

Barotrauma still under development but is free at the moment.

lördag 2 april 2016

World generation

So I'm leaning towards making RTS/Survival game where you control one or more characters as they try to survive in some harsh terrains. This will require quite a large world map so I'm going to generate it procedurally (That's how all the cool kids are doing it nowadays).

I found this sweet guide on how to to do world generation and decided to try it out myself. I'm currently just using temperature for defining biomes and a perlin noise heightmap to define what is land, but I think it still yields decent results.

White = Tundra
Purple = Taiga
Dark green = Temperate forest
Light green = Rain forest
Yellow = Desert

fredag 12 februari 2016

Starting a new game...maybe.

I've decided to make a PC game instead of mobile this time. I want to create a survival game DON'T SHOOT!!! I know that the gaming world is oversaturated with survival games, but I hope that my idea can bring something new to the table.

I don't have everything ironed out yet but it'll be a game that focuses more on resource management than running around killing stuff/crafting.

I've started the prototyping but still don't have anything worth showing.Hopefully I will soon though.


fredag 6 december 2013

Pic from the new game

I decided I was going to try and finish a game for once, and to do that I needed a project that was small enough for me to do all the code, art and sound alone. Since I've already made a tower defence game before I decided I'd try it once more :)
This game is inspired by one of my favourite td:s: Harvest : Massive Encounter.